Month: May 2014

Illusion of a Façade

                                Illusion of a Façade   Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy     Throughout these photo manipulations Zacharie explores the world of picture. Picture, embodied by the Façade, as a static representation of a […]

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Back To The Future

                                                Back To The Future   Fred Mc Nabb     A series of drawings by illustrator Fred Mc Nabb speculating on […]

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The Ritual to Aesthetics

  Monument To Smoke                         ‘Colour has always been very important to me and it is the first element you see before the composition. Colour is what keeps your eye engaged and I think […]

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An Urbanistic Neverland

                                              An Urbanistic Neverland   Reinhard Krug    A series of photo-manipulations which focus on the idea of cities as little islands in […]

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Illustrating a Thought

                                                        Illustrating a Thought   Adam Simpson    Simpson’s work encompasses a mixture of commissioned and self initiated projects […]

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A Google Maps Vision

                                                                Heliopolis Daniel Leivick The large scale photographs are created using collages of images […]

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