Pataphysics: Where Stirling Meets De Chirico

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The ‘Islands’ drawing is an extreme vision for the ‘other-worldly-ness’, where Pataphysicians travel Paris as if the city was an island on the sea. The drawings echo such narrative where one could find themselves travelling on top of this roof-scape through the steeples of Albertopolis.




Googlemaps Albertopolis

Aerial View

The ‘Aerial View’ drawing depicts an additional transparent and exhibitionistic layer to London, where the life of London is captured in this remorseless inhabitable glass ceiling – a ceiling that reveals not only the arts and sciences displayed in a field of vitrines, but also the wider vibrancy of outer London.


Pataphysics: Where Stirling Meets De Chirico 


James Charles Mak


James’s inspiration stems from both architects of the past, such as Aldo Rossi and James Stirling, as well as Surrealist and Dadaist painters, for example, Giorgio de Chirico and Rene Magritte. His drawings reflect this fascination and are ‘always eager to look for a contemporary and also architectural interpretation of them.’

Intermediate 13 dwells on ‘Pataphysics, as an imaginary science that offers a social critique.’ The main thesis behind the drawings is a satirical skepticism towards Albertopolis (South Kensington), the museum district of London. How museum-visiting can be seen as a social ritual where knowledge is definitively put in glass boxes and vitrines, worshipped by visitors.

James Charles Mak has a bachelor degree in Geography at the London School of Economics and Political Science and is currently enrolled in his third year at the AA school of Architecture in London. He is also the Founder and Chairperson of Project little Dream, a registered charity in Hong Kong that designs, builds and runs rural village schools in Takeo, Cambodia.


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