Project Little Architect

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 Project Little Architect

Little Architects 

Little Architect is an education and research platform part of the Visiting School based at the Architectural Association in London.
They teach Architecture and Sustainability in London Primary Schools to promote creativity, positive thinking and a better understanding of our shared urban ecosystem.
They research and develop architectural teaching resources especially designed for very young children. The in-school workshops are built around interesting, creative and fun cross-curricular activities for KS1 and lower KS2.

They think that by teaching children about architecture and urbanism from an early age they are more likely to become committed adults caring for their city. It will also expand their innate creative potential and make them more critical and propositional about their living environment.
They will understand that they are part of a rich and diverse urban ecosystem; and cherish the place where they live.

Architecture surrounds us from the moment we are born, and it will accompany and house us our entire life. If we want a sustainable world and citizens to demand sustainability, we have to start with our children education. We need the introduction of concepts related to cities and architecture at the curriculum, as we want children to grow up being aware of their potential to change the future for the best.


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