La Foret Brumeuse

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2014-08-01 10.35.21-1




2014-08-01 10.35.12




2014-08-01 10.35.21-3




2014-08-01 10.35.21-4




La Foret Brumeuse 

Takamasa Kimura 


Project Description: The aim of the project was to create a flexible space which would serve as a museum for a french sculptor. The Architecture is meant to grow as a result of both a ground and structure analysis where the use of pillars is central in emphasising the idea of ambiguous space whilst acting as a foreground and setting for the sculptures. Sculptures which are located as to be seen and hidden depending on the positioning of the viewer, as such the viewer activates and becomes part of the museum itself.

Location: Kichijoji , Tokyo in Japan




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