Supreme Surrealism

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1_Pixelated wave 1




1_Pixelated wave 4 copy




2_Geometrical Blob 2




2_Geometrical Blob 3




3_Megastructure 1




3_Megastructure 3




6_A_Collage_Superstudio tribute




6_B_Collage_The Globe








5_Underwater explotion






Supreme Surrealism 

Jarand Midtgaard

Jarand graduated from The Oslo School of Architecture in 2007 to then follow on and work in numerous architectural offices in Norway. He is currently working at Spir Architects. His greatest influences date back to his last two years of education where Per Kartvedt and Peter Cook guided him. Both taught him to see the value of dreams and Kartvedt took him into his huge mental encyclopedia of architects and architectural styles, which ended up in a two-year study of megastructures and experimental urbanism.

 ‘I learned about the narrative sides of architecture. A story can trigger an architectural project just as much as a classical brief. The megastructures taught me to understand scale and how to play with just that.’

Today Jarand works in the district, far away from London, New York, Tokyo and other major cities. His professional life deals with finding interesting elements in everyday projects and turning them into the extraordinary. As such he talks about his work as ‘a task is to “train” my clients to see what architecture can give, and to break down their possible skepticism for new and different thinking.’

 ‘The Effective Architect’ and ‘The Dreamy Architect’

In his architectural life he has two roles: “The Effective Architect” and “The Dreamy Architect”.

The Effective Architect works weekdays, from 08:30 to 16:00. In this role he works fast without philosophising too much. This is because of small budgets, which also affect the time available on each project. The Dreamy architect sprawls from 20:00 to 23:00 and it is the work of the Dreamy Architect, which is displayed here.

 So why dream? First, it is a way to keep the curiosity and imagination alive. It is a way to keep up to date and to test new ideas.’

What can one do with dreams and ideas? Part of my ideas can be implemented in my daily work as an architect. This can be a new color combination, a modeling technique or an idea for a new masterplan. This is also an opportunity to make projects as an independent individual.  As an artist if you like. It is no requirement that these dreams must be realized. The main goal is the process of dreaming.

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