Composing an Urban Dis-/utopia

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Daniel Kalinski, also known as CHAZME, is a polish painter, illustrator and street artist. Kalinski was born in 1980 and currently lives and works in Warsaw where he graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Technology in Warsaw in 2008.

He often collaborates with other artists such as SEPE and NAWER. His art generally evolves around the constructing of ‘urban’ structures out of defined, geometrical  areas. These dis-/utopian compositions can be interpreted as comments and critiques on urban planning and architecture, which the passers-by are invited to decipher, reflect and maybe even oppose. On a visual level, they are predominantly compositionally perfectly balanced and reflect the pattern of our modern skyscraper architecture.

The more figurative works still emit the strong assemblagistic aesthetic which is very  unique to the artists work.

His studio work ranges from canvas to collages. CHAZMEs work can been seen on the walls of many metropolises such as Prague, Berlin, Glasgow and many more.


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