Geometric Landscapes

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cave_night copy_1020




desert_day copy_1020




















Geometric Landscapes


 J.R Schmidt


J.R Schmidt is a 23-year-old senior motion designer and 3-D artist at Firstborn, a digital ad agency in New York City. Schmidt started out as a traditional artist but when he went to college he took a chance by majoring in New Media Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology. There, Schmidt was exposed to web-design, illustration, interactive design, scripting, object-oriented programming, programmatic art and many other new media.


“I started out with Legos, and moved to pixels and polygons.”


Schmidt is known for his polygon style; data visualizers might recognize that he hasn’t veered far from his Lego phase with a Lego reconstruction of New York City. These days, Schmidt says he’s moving away from what he sees as the main styles of  graphic artists — realism and “Pixar” — by trying to “flatten out” his work. “When people can’t tell if I’m using 3-D software or if I do it all by hand in Photoshop, I know I’m doing something right,” he said.


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