Month: December 2014

The Humanist Woman

                                                  The Humanist Woman Lina Bo Bardi Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992) was an incredibly prolific architect and designer who devoted her […]

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A Pantone Vision

                                                      A Pantone Vision C&MP_CERUZZI & MURPHY PROJECTS MP is Ceruzzi and Murphy Projects, an ongoing series of speculative […]

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Soft City

                                                                          Soft City   Pushwagner  Welcome to a nightmare […]

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                                                                  C-City   Shift Architecture Urbanism    C-City creates a trinity of complimentary […]

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Brooklyn Co-Operative

                                  Brooklyn Co-Operative   Yannis Halkiopoulos University of Westminster London Part II Project   Past Resonances & Future Anticipations: Food Preservation & Consumption in the Post-Agrarian Landscape. Brooklyn Co-operative […]

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Interconnected Neutral Nuclei

                          Interconnected Neutral Nuclei    International Open Competition Europan 2013 The brief for the competition was to propose a development where a variety of open spaces and typologies would be present and where pedestrian […]


Elevation of Texture

                                        Elevation of Texture   aTELIER aLETHES   aTELIER aLETHES is a workshop for research and development in the domain of architectural design, urban planning and […]

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