Between Utopia and Irony

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The Future of Architecture, 1979

The Future of Architecture, 1979




Babeltårnet, 1970

Babeltårnet, 1970








First the Building Then the Site, 1982












Between Utopia and Irony


Nils-Ole Lund


“When I start making collages in most cases I have one or two basic pictures, two contrasting images, the rest is added, ideas, details, accessories”.


Danish architect, teacher and collage-artist, author of Collage Architecture in 1990, Nils-Ole Lund’s fosters the idea that modern architecture doesn’t hold timeless values.

The images above reflect Lund’s idea of modern architecture as something that does not hold timeless values. His collages, where fashion and architecture mélange, highlight how these cultural artifacts specific to the era and culture produced by them are only temporal. In this sense his 70’s and 80’s collages lay between utopia and irony revealing a subtle political satire of current times and the negative effects of architectural profession on landscape and cities. He believed that through his collages he was able to discuss his ideas“in a more direct way than by writing articles, giving lectures or even designing houses”.


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