Month: July 2015

The Prison as Resistance

The Prison as Resistance Tommaso Mennuni_Masters at the Politecnico of Milan Project A problematic which necessitates a solution is that of overcrowding in prisons. The problem of an excessive population of prisoners goes to damage the conditions of the inmates themselves who are forced to […]

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From Ancient Background to Architectonic Opportunity

From Ancient Background to Architectonic Opportunity Sara D’Abate, Adriano Tasso_
Final thesis project of Master degree in Architecture, Università degli Studi Roma Tre (2015) Project: The Aurelian Walls in the contemporary Rome after the Italian unification (XIX-XXI cc.). The urban development and the enhancement project of the […]

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A Contamination of Atmospheres

Rural City Rural City is a research project based on the necessity to overcome the millenary dichotomy between city and nature. In order to rethink this relationship, the project works on the creation of a heterogeneous dispositive, capable to detect and deal with those visible […]

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Tree of Life

                            Tree of Life Rasha Al-Shami Project Terrorism is commonly defined as violent acts intended to create fear (terror); to perpetrate for a religious, political, or ideological goal; and to deliberately target […]

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    Follies Géraldine Lacasse Géraldine Lacasse obtained her Masters degree in Architecture at ISACF -La Cambre Architecture in Brussels. She continued her studies with a Postgraduate Master of Urbanism and Stretegic Planning in 2012. Geraldine has collaborated with numerous studios such as MSA, 51N4E, […]

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The Concordian Redemption

The Concordian Redemption James Charles Mak, Alison Cheng Project Refuge A Lighthouse is a guiding star for wanderers at sea. The arch radiates a soft glow like a full moon against a cloudless sky. The monolithic form is cladded in thin perforated mesh, allowing for […]

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Treasure Island

Treasure Island Skye Yuxi Sun Graduate Skye Yuxi Sun has imagined a dystopian future where London’s Thames Estuary is transformed into a tax haven for the city’s elite to resurrect extinct animals. Intended as a critique on the UK’s relationship with offshore financial services, Sun has designed […]

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A Matter of Time

A Matter of Time Hedvig Skjerdingstad The city is a complex and heterogeneous unit, which it is characterized by its diversity. At the same time, the city has its very own identity and acts as a unifying force. This identity is generated by the movements […]

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Context Forgotten

  Context Forgotten Andrew Wagner During his initial thesis research in Architectural Ornament and a study of 18th and 19th century field expedition manuscripts, Andrew developed a deep interest in the integral part-to-whole relationships of tectonic components rather than the representational adornment of pre-modern constructions. Andrew also developed a […]

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