A Space Defining Plate

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OSCENO_fuori dalla scena_fabio cappello_progetto Endogensi2.0_3

OSCENO_fuori dalla scena_fabio cappello_progetto Endogensi2.0_1

A Space Defining Plate

Fabio Cappello

A macro object in zinc plate is positioned between the main Piazza of the Hamlet of Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino and Helvius’ fountain in order to both highlight it, whilst protecting it from a confused environment of urban elements where the latter are situated without a specific rational or functional composition.

The project has been realised for the second edition of ‘ENDOGENESI_reazioni urbane dall’interno’ at the University of DiARC of Naples organised by the Laboratory IAMM.


Who influences you graphically?

The graphics of the years ‘pre-render’, with a strong work on the image of the context and the current trend of small Italian architectural offices sites between Genoa and Milan.

Why do you prefer to explore your proposal three dimensionally through perspective views and a flattened axonometric compared to the typical plan or section?

The competition requires a manifesto, which was to communicate the project immediately. The axonometric black / perspective views, with inclusion of the concept in the real image inform in an easy relationship between the project and context.

What is the purpose of circularly framing your images?

The circular frame allows for a better focus, in addition to it also being also a matter of graphic composition.

What is the effect of the woman’s positioning within the image?

The woman in the pictures establishes a sense of proportion.

You mention that your proposal heightens the piazza within which its positioned, how is this reflected in the images? Do you not trust that the desaturation of these might be counterproductive?  

The slight reflection of the material of the project deliberately creates a mirror effect. I wanted to give a new background, hiding the fountain. Desatured images to make a unique vision.


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