Month: September 2015

The Paradox of a Restricted Freedom

The Paradox of a Restricted Freedom  Ada Tache Project A juvenile center is a community, a shelter, a place that specializes into recovery, professional training and social reintegration of juveniles that have committed violations. Thus, the main users are children over 14 years old, sentenced […]

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A Colourful Reaction to Hyperrealism

Pink Mammels (with M.Andolina) A Colourful Reaction to Hyperrealism  Angelo Renna Interview Who influences you graphically? I think the list could be really long. But I would say in particular Sottsass and Aldo Rossi. Their work really influences me especially with their use of colors, their […]

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Enkhuizen_The Gateway to the Ijsselmeer region.

Enkhuizen_The Gateway to the Ijsselmeer region.  Alexandra Egarmina Course: European Post – Master in Urbanism (strategies and design for cities and territories)_Student work design studio spring semester 2015 TUDelft Project The introduced project focuses on the urban area of the Dutch city of Enkhuizen and its surroundings. […]

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Socialist Industrial Heritage in Albania

   Socialist Industrial Heritage in Albania Vito Quadrato, Alberto Pice, Daniele Fiore, Silvia De mauro, Pierluigi Ruggeri & Massimiliano Cafagna Professors: Prof. Michele Beccu, Prof. Anna Bruna Menghini, Prof. Francesca Calace, Prof. R. Belli Project After the fall of the socialist regime in 1990, Albania, today, is undergoing a […]

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JUST – THE CUBE Ibadula Aifer, Ișfan Cristina, Popescu Iulia, Ristea Daria, Samiș Andra , Țuțu Oana  Project 30 years have passed since the beginning of the communist Civic Centre project for Bucharest. By the 1990 revolution, the natural setting of the city changed dramatically. The […]

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Uniting Barrier

Uniting Barrier Lorenzo Iandelli_Central Saint Martins_Bachelor of Arts in Architecture  Project The project is a programmatic response to the social marginalisation created by the different areas surround- ing London’s Caledonian Road.The Design interaction, positioned in between the dividing threshold of Barns- bury and the Bemerton […]

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A new Metro Station

            A New Metro Station   Federico Silvestri Anna Bazzo   The new Clichy-sous-bois metro station is based on a research considering the SDRIF (Le Schéma Directeur de la Région Île-de-France ), the documents provided by AIGP studies, beyond the socioeconomic […]

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Beat of Biodiversity

        Beat of Biodiversity Laura Zura – Puntaroni, Matilde Valagussa, Mates Bialek, Tomes Raimondi & Pierre Mangematin     Project What does biodiversity mean in an urban context? Is it possible to conceive an interaction between vegetation, animals and men in the space that has always been […]

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Art Factory

    Art Factory Mengyao Han, Giulia Chiatante and Luka Milovanović     Project Approaching the context of Berlin,  one specific characteristic of the city, Monumentality, was identified. As the pattern has been scattered and deformed by scars of the city’s history, the skyline has […]

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From Place to Place

   From Place to Place: Integrated tourism system in the Enisala fortress landscape Stefan Pavaluta
 Coord. professor: Justin Baroncea This project proposes a strategy for a integrated tourism system in the Enisala fortress area, Tulcea county. The principles are based on conservation of
historical areas and […]

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