A Colourful Reaction to Hyperrealism

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Pink Mammels (with M.Andolina)



Olivia Pavillion 2012_Mexico City

Olivia Pavillion 2012_Mexico City (with A.Minto)

Olivia Pavillion 2012_Mexico City

Olivia Pavillion 2012_Mexico City (with A.Minto)

1,2,3...Rødt lys_Europan Norway

1,2,3…Rødt lys_Europan Norway (with L.Moscelli and D.Sacconi)

Cactus Madre_Water tower, 2012

Cactus Madre_Water tower, 2012

Many Tree sManyStories

Many Trees ManyStories

Many Trees Many Stories

Many Trees Many Stories

Many Trees Many Stories

Many Trees Many Stories

Tarzan - Laboratoire du Sublime

Tarzan – Laboratoire du Sublime

A Colourful Reaction to Hyperrealism 

Angelo Renna


Who influences you graphically?

I think the list could be really long. But I would say in particular Sottsass and Aldo Rossi. Their work really influences me especially with their use of colors, their rigid structure of the perspectives and their playful atmospheres.

What role does color play in your drawings?

It’s really a fundamental part of my drawings and my work. Life is colorful, therefore the use color just makes sense to me. The projects that I develop are influenced by the environment in which they take place, therefore color is one of these factors.

How does the use of paintings as those of Rousseau help in setting a determinate atmosphere and setting?

It’s a quite common technique today. Many offices use it such as Office KGDVS, 51n4e, Fala Atelier and many others. I think it is more of a reaction to the hyperrealism of the image we have in architecture today. In my  “Rousseau” collage the wild vegetation was an important part of the project and his plants are incredibly full of life and fairytale.

You use both drawings and models to explore your proposals, what determines the choice between the two? And what are the differing effects in terms of communicating a concept,  usability of the space, atmospheres etc

In this last period, I really like to use 3d-print models and simple maquettes. With models you can easily communicate your ideas especially with people that are not architects. Nevertheless collages and axos are always helpful to communicate the atmosphere and general approach to the project.


Angelo Renna is an architect based in Berlin. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture of Florence (Unifi) and at the Architecture School of Porto (FAUP). He collaborated with different offices such as Stefano Boeri Architetti in Milan, Bureau A in Geneva and Topotek1 in Berlin. In 2011 he won the 3rd prize in the competition ‘d3 Housing Tomorrow 2011’, NY (USA) with the project ‘Learning from slums: Ilhas’. In 2012 he has been selected for CASABELLA as one of the 8 young italian architects to participate at the exhibition for the 85th anniversary of the magazine. In 2013, he was awarded the first prize for the Europan-12 competition in Norway.



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