Month: October 2015

Drawing Authentically

   Drawing Authentically  Studio Muti Interview Who inspires you graphically?   Everything around us and things we can only imagine. What dictates how you chose to represent architecture within your drawings, from 3d to 2d? There isn’t a strict formulae we adhere to. Influencing factors […]

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Architecture For A Better Place

Architecture For A Better Place  Liron Kadi Interview Who influences you graphically? My perspective is to create a world where imagination and reality meet each other, and by that create a whole new world. I can surely say that one of the main influences is Archigram. I initially ran […]

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Too Much of Graphics and Too Little Aesthetics

Democratic living against urban siege_Competition proposal for treehousign competition Durban, South Africa Team: Stefano Tornieri, P.hd architecture IUAV of Venice, founder of babau bureau ( Massimo Triches, P.hd student IUAV of Venice, founder of babau bureau ( Luca Iuorio, master degree at IUAV of Venice
Dario […]

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I Fell and Hurt My Head

Rain  I Fell and Hurt My Head Tim Zhilin Interview Who influences you graphically? My art was influenced by different people and situations. It all began in my childhood. I fell and hurt my head. That was the first time I saw the stars. After […]

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Drawing The Experience Of A Space

   Drawing The Experience Of A Space Jonas Gunerius Larsen Interview Who influences you graphically? In my opinion, some of the most interesting pieces of architecture only exist on paper. Like the poetic homage to scientist, Sir Isaac Newton manifested in a numerous drawings done […]

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The Great British [Un]Smart City

The Great British [Un]Smart City Taylan Tahir “In a world of YouTube, FaceBook, and LOLcats, something about Songdo just doesn’t feel authentic, fully reflective of our everyday digital existence”  ~ Anthony Townsend Project Under the technocratic control of the corporations, the future vision of the […]

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Delineating Architecture through a Hasselblad Camera Lense

Delineating Architecture through a Hasselbad Camera Lense  Pedro Duarte Bento Interview Who influences you graphically? I have an array of graphic influences, from classic architectural representation to painting or contemporary illustration. As an example of the diversity, the drawings of Etiénne Boullée, the Belgian graphic-novels of Schuiten & Peeters and the collages of Superstudio all […]

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A Factory To Live In

      A Factory To Live In Piotr Gniewek_Warsaw University of Technology, Architecture and Urban Planning, Design Thesis Project Warsaw city as a metropolis is aspiring to become a big centre with supra-local significance. Unfortunately, in the same way as other metropolises, despite dynamic […]

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