Month: December 2015

A Monochromatic Vision

A Monochromatic Vision   Pierre-Alain Bouchetard & Etienne Barre   Project The project is a proposal for the reorganization of the sport center in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. Issy is a city just outside Paris, in the southwestern suburb. We chose Issy’s sport complex as a field […]

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Axonometric_The Supernatural Viewpoint

      Axonometric_The Supernatural Viewpoint Rocco Trussoni     Interview   Who influences you graphically? At first I was sure that the perfect way to represent architecture was hyperrealism through photographic rendering. Only after a revealing exhibition on Superstudio I understood that architecture could be […]

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The Pathway

    The Pathway Kinga Łukasińska,  Rebeka Czaja Project The street-path is the main aspect of the project. The pathway is laid out along the apartments and available only for pedestrians .This place is a  social centre where residents meet. The flats are available directly from […]

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Medium Is The Tool

    Medium Is The Tool Rong Zhao_M.arch GSAPP 2014       Project_Green Belt The site locates in Porto Maravilha in the centro area of Rio de Janeiro. Mill Fluminense used to be an important industry factory in Rio. As industry lost its role […]

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Architectural Storyteller

  Architectural Storyteller   Francesco Pittigli Berger   Architectural storyteller (First 6 Images) Architectural storyteller is a project that currently consists in about 25 works made through the use of images that Francesco personally shoots during his comings and goings with the addition of architectural […]

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The Subjective Societies Habitats

    The Subjective Societies Habitats  Laura Abad    Project  What is a home for you? This project explores various manifestations of what some people understand how a home is. Mortgages, apartment blocks, plaster walls or pools in the garden are not always necessary.Six wonderful […]

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Neighborhood Olympic Centre

  Neighborhood Olympic Centre  Lane Raffaldini Rubin_Harvard Graduate School of Design MArch I & MLA I Project Sport is at times social / extroverted / noisy, at times quiet / introverted / meditative. How can we design a place for the practice of such states? […]

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