Suspended Beings: Analysing and Amplifying the Learning of Meaning

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Suspended Beings: Analysing and Amplifying the Learning of Meaning


Ivan Iosca



The project speculates over humanity and how it’s being turned into a show.The project investigates the boundaries and constraints, where the body deludes itself about being able of defeating words and its scars give the illusion of changing. Meanwhile, we feel like we are just puppets. In the games of life, we are puppets, suspended by ropes and piercings, who swing and entertain the illusionary idea of being in control.The body suspension changes life’s roles and enhances their power. The City is the last link with the ground, which is what our feet feel familiar with. It’s a rational, short and relaxing encounter.



Who influences you graphically?

In The Bull – 1946 – Pablo Picasso analyzed and studied the shape and the volume of a figure. This is my starting point, even if it doesn’t look like what I draw. He encased the body of the bull in a spot of color, simplifying the image that loses weight, that loses its emotional power.

How does the aesthetic of the drawings reflect the ‘show’a spect of the proposal? 

No shows, I’m not interested in it.  There is not so much talking about the body suspension but, actually, it is a widespread practice in the world: be suspended by hooks fixed through temporary piercings. The time during which the body is actually suspended is just a small part of the process, compared to the time needed for the preparation. First, there is a specific study of the body in order to decide the proper positions, the numbers and dimensions of the hooks that will run through the skin. Finding the correct places for the hooks requests a deep knowledge about geometry and human anatomy. If the hooks are too few, the skin could be ripped off.

In the pictures I draw, there is no blood, no pain, no grimacing, no faces. Everything is against the show. The aim of the simplification is not to distract the observer from the transmission of the point of view.

You write ‘analysing colours, means analysing contents’. What dictated your colour palette?

Flat tints are special premixed inks alternative to quadricolour (CMYK). Each flat tints requires its own printing plate.

The flat tints is normally used to cut the cost of the four-color process, to economize and simplify the print job: for a two colors image, for example, two plates are needed instead of four. It is helpful also to reproduce that colors that are impossible to make with the four-color process, as gold and brass. Flat tints are often called the fifth color of printing.

This technique fits perfectly with the intent of my project: analyzing and amplifying the learning of the meaning.

How could this show like/puppet element been reinforced through different formatting? 

The images are composed with harmonic architectures and dissonant characters: the paradox is in front of our eyes. I could strengthen through  written thoughts but if I could do so, I would rather write a poem.

Each image is very beautifully framed, how does each view narrate a diverse aspect of the proposal? 

This is the most difficult question. In the body suspension practice there are many positions, some harder some easier. The seven images represents borderline cases in which it’s possible to focus on the illusion of changing. The most dramatic one is 7_ZERO. It shows the disaster of 11th September that took place in the twin towers, drawn by Minoru Yamasaki. The two characters jumped off the windows of the building, under the illusion of being owners of their destiny, already doomed.










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