Projecting Atmospheres

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Projecting Atmospheres

Pauline Tondreau


Who influences you graphically?

It depends of what I want to represent. I like a panels of different kind of graphism like the naive side of Fala, the collage of Office KGDVS, Caruso St Johns, OMMX. I also like the mystic atmosphere that we can find in Zermani’s project. The inspiration sometimes comes from other picture that I see on Internet, in exhibition, in magazine.. Actually there is a lot of thing that can inspire me !

To what extent does the use of a delicate palette reflect the objective of compromise between urbanisation and nature of the project?

The palette that I decide to use for a project depends of the atmosphere of the place and the project himself.
For exemple, the House of the Bay was in Baie de Somme, in France. In this place, the sky and the nature have very particular colors and that was something important for me because the project was built around this. I use  something very neutral for the building himself and colors for the environment taken from a painting from Baie de Somme, the focus is on the tides and the sky and that’s what proposes the project. Then, the palette of colors depends of what I feel about the environment and what I want to reflect in my project.

What dictates your choice of viewpoint for each image? What does each image say in relation to your proposal?

Again, it depends of what I want to say about the project.
For urban wasteland, my choice was on a exterior view who speaks about the project : a utopian collage city project in a middle abandoned neighborhood. It doesn’t speaks about spaces but concept. This project was to reflect , an image of what I felt about all the city : industries, housing, monument built close to each other and which works together.

What is the effect and use of texture? Does it imply a certain materiality or is it more to do atmosphere?

It’s more to do with atmosphere.

Corsica Triptych Section - Pauline Tondreau - Master 2 UCL LOCI TOURNAI

Corsica Tryptich

Corsica Triptych - Pauline Tondreau - Master 2 UCL LOCI TOURNAI

Corsica Tryptich

Urban Wasteland - Pauline Tondreau - Master 1 UCL LOCI TOURNAI

Urban Wastelands




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