There Is No “ctrl Z”

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There Is No “ctrl Z”

Denis Andernach

Denis Andernach draws houses as formal studies in idealized landscapes. The images stem from the desire to present the viewer with an understandable building from the macro to the micro in a collaged fictional landscape.


Who influences you graphically?

First of all – not only graphically – Nicolas Ledoux . His designs and their graphic preparation have always fascinated me. Cartoonist like Schuiten Peeters, Frank Miller and Antoine Marc Matheu also interest me. However, I am also greatly influenced by the architectural realm and praise wonderful buildings by the artists as Hansjörg Voth, and Walter Pichler, as well as contemporary architects. For me the most important thing is the building rather than the graphics.
I have a lot of people, who are important and in my drawings “Bücherhäuser” one can reed on the book envelopes – integratet in the drawing –  the names of people ( Artist, Architects, Cartoonist and Friends) who influenced me.

On the basis of what terms do you choose to frame a specific scene?

For me it is essential that the viewer understands the building or the detail of it with only view – because I draw each imaginary building only one time.

Are the scenes you depict real or imaginary and how much has the environment you have grown up been had an impact on the choice of ‘landscape’ illustration?

Initially I used painting of Caspar David Friedrich as background for my houses. Through this method I acknowledged what is important for a picture, and how to draw landscapes. When viewing Caspar David Friedrich’s paintings one walways feel as a passenger who discovers the nature. I want to allow for the viewer to feel and discover my building in a natural surrounding. The landscape sometimes exists, but often the landscape is a collage of several references of photos I made or found on the internet.

What would be the effect of introducing an element of colour within certain images?

I don`t think it would be a good idea to use colors. After several years I wouldn`t like them any more. So I prefer black and white!

What is your work process, in terms of sketch and finalised image?

For me it is not interesting, to imagine a building without any surroundings. When you don`t have a real program for a house, you need something other which defines the form! So I make always some sketches of possible “landscape houses” in my sketchbook. So I have god a fixed idea of the architecture and the landscape. Then I choose one sketch and begin to design the building. Contemporarily I search for pictures of landscapes I could imitate. (Internet, photos, outside)
After having constructed the perspective of the house, I need some time for reflecting on how to draw the whole drawing. (light, shadows, material, dark parts, trees, sky etc…)  There is no “ctrl Z”


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Denis Andernach graduated at TU Kaiserslautern. He worked as “assistant” at the institute “Baukonstruktion und Entwerfen” of Prof. Johannes Modersohn at the TU Kaiserslautern and established with Nicolas Bahnemann his own office “Bau Eins Architekten”.

After having participated at many solo and group exhibitions he joined the AKM. (Arbeitskreis of artists Mittelrhein)


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