Month: March 2016

The Origin as a Subjective Matter

The Origin as a Subjective Matter Yuri Nemanov These Images are part of a 3rd year project themed Hybrid Habitat in Tel Aviv, guided by mentors : Arch. Ron Fleisher and Arch. Ariel Karmi. The drawings project the tension between habitat and commission, expressed through texture. […]

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A Photo Real Abstraction

A Photo Real Abstraction MGAO Interview Who influences you graphically? Whilst studying I was heavily influenced by the graphic styles of British Architect’s Caruso St John and Sergison Bates, especially their appreciation for material, detailing and the working drawing. Later as we began to develop […]

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Imagination Conquers the Entire Paper

Imagination Conquers the Entire Paper Guillaume Cornet Interview Who influences you graphically? My influences are mainly organic and abstract elements of life rather than people. A particular engine sound. A bit of clothing hanging on a signage. Cables entwined around plants or the odd extensions […]

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Stripping the Superficial

Stripping the Superficial Kevin Lucbert Interview Who influences you graphically? I am mostly influenced by artists who draws without medium restriction. It can be fine arts artists like Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Alfred Kubin, Louis Soutter, Saul Steinberg, and David Hockney. I admire children books artists […]

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The Seductive Axonometric

The Seductive Axonometric Christiana Pitsillidou Interview Who influences you graphically? It varies, really. However, it is pretty much interconnected with each and every project, and the architecture as such. I must admit my affinity towards old hardcopy world maps, printed symbols and signs/typography, and photographic […]

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In between Image and Sign

In between Image and Sign   Viar Estudio     Interview Who influences you graphically?  First of all, we want to express that our drawings are ideas, concepts. Signs. To summarize this idea, difficult task, we can say that architecture moves between two topics; image […]

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The Ambiguity of Space

The Ambiguity of Space Kara Biczykowski Interview Who influences you graphically? My style has predominantly been influenced by a mix of architects and artists over time including Early OMA drawings, Aldo Rossi, Peter Cook, El Lissitzky, Salvador Dali, and most recently David Hockney has become […]

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Translating an Urban Experience

  Translating an Urban Experience    Etienne Bastormagi   Projects_Artworks The City , its urban life , social network, architecture & politics all translated into works. BAYRUT THE BOOK _in collaboration with Al KHayyat Al Saghir   As part of a collaboration with children publishing house […]

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Minimize Maximum_A Timeless Stadium

  Minimize Maximum_A Timeless Stadium     Celia Cardona, Eric Folli, Joshuán Tacoronte   The projects proposes a new architecture of the stadium in contemporary times, addressing issues as seating, compartmentalisation and multi use. On a wider urban note it also proposes to re-naturalise an area that was formerly […]

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Understanding Space Through Movement

  Understanding Space Through Movement   Carlotta Testa     Interview Who influences you graphically? I am a bit schizophrenic about my graphic references. I would say that I am in a sort of ping pong match between painters (such as Edward Hopper, Giorgio De […]


The Image as an Abstraction

The Image as an Abstraction UHO Architects Interview Within both the Supreme Court and Swimming Pool proposals you isolate your proposal as to almost depict it as a floating island/model, what is the effect and purpose of this?  A model or an image must serve as an […]

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