The Origin as a Subjective Matter

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The Origin as a Subjective Matter

Yuri Nemanov

These Images are part of a 3rd year project themed Hybrid Habitat in Tel Aviv, guided by mentors : Arch. Ron Fleisher and Arch. Ariel Karmi. The drawings project the tension between habitat and commission, expressed through texture.


Who influences you graphically?

I would say I’m graphically influenced by Karel Teige, Alexander Rodchenko, Mies van der Rohe, Isidro Blasco, Blinky Palermo and Amir Tomashov.

What is you take on the art of collage? How can and does the appreciation of images form other contexts help in exploring your proposal?

It comes naturally to me to play and expand through the means of the collage. The scope of the collages is to examine spaces through both texture and color. The images themselves are very sensual, through the act of creating I explore the sense of what they feel like rather than their final outcome. It is almost as closing your eyes and experiencing and having a face-to-face encounter with the image.
The sensual side of my work allows me to examine also the ethical side of building, how could my acts relate to the other, in the Levinas sense of the word, in the most basic way.
The encounter of images from different origins is deconstruction at it’s finest. Through old photos I reinterpret my object into a new image. The origin becomes very subjective in this manner.

What images are you most interested in collecting and then cutting? (terms of their origin?)

When collecting images, I find myself most fascinated by vintage photographs, I can spend hours browsing thought archives exploring distant times and places.
Every photo I pick is a photo that gave me a feeling I would like to transmit in my final image.

How important and what is the effect of text in the collages?

The Text in the collages is, in its literal sense, negligible. The text has a material value just like any other color or texture in that image. It is placed in a manner that I feel would give the image a structural wholeness.

How is an image constructed? 

The image is Constructed in layers. I start by sketching by hand, after I find a form I feel confident about and assemble through glue/paper cut outs to get a sense of form and color scale.
Then I scan the whole image and take it to Photoshop. If needed I add small rendered objects from SketchUp as well.
The whole process is very fluid in the sense of the order. I sometimes start from computer print out, cut and glue by hand and then scan again, and over again.


Yuri Nemanov_1Yuri Nemanov_2Yuri Nemanov_3Yuri Nemanov_4Yuri Nemanov_5Yuri Nemanov_6Yuri Nemanov_7Yuri Nemanov_8Yuri Nemanov_9




Yuri Nemanov was born in The Soviet Union and raised in Israel. He is currently pursuing his 4th year BArch at the Ariel University School of Architecture. Yuri also studied Ceramic Arts at Bezalel Academy of Art. He has worked as a sculptor, making custom concrete molds, as well as in several architectural practices. Nowadays he works as a carpenter and a CNC operator.

He us Fascinated by artisanal tradition and it’s affect on ethics and ascetics in Architecture.





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