Constructing Through Geometric Forms

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Constructing Through Geometric Forms 

Tanawat Sakdawisarak


Who influences you graphically?

I think Roy Lichtenstein and Memphis Milano are great influences in my field of work. However I am also strongly influenced by the nostalgic aesthetic of  video games as Super Nintendo.

You have a very of personal graphic approach to rendering objects, how did you develop this style?

Actually, it is how I process Memphis’s work in my thoughts, it is about deconstructing everyday objects and putting them back into geometric forms.

You explore the world through very geometric axonometric views, how does this engage or distance the viewer?

I am never sure of the way the image is perceived by the viewer, however I always hope the reading is somewhat different to what I intended for it to be.

What is your work process? do you start through sketching, photography? What programs do you use?

Yes, I work through sketches but only roughly. Sometimes I just note the idea I would like to render in my personal work or simply just the object that has come to my mind. Mostly, I take photography as a reference, when I see things that relate to what I like or when I travel. And yet… I finish my work in illustrator.

In certain images we almost want to see the figures coming to life and responding to each other, have you other thought of using animation as a tool?

I do not plan to animate my images just yet although it is a very good point. I guess I’ll have to learn the skills!




Tanawat Sakdawisarak was born and works in Bangkok, Thailand. He graduated from Assumption University with a major in Visual Communication Arts and a minor in graphic design in 2010.


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