Month: June 2016

Architecture That Triggers The Senses

Architecture That Triggers The Senses Stefan Nešić    Project As the current situation is marked as the transition zone, the question is emerging: where, or to what are we transgressing? Testing the integrity and comprehensiveness of individual and collective needs in a spatio-temporal context, or […]

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This Country is Shaped by Boxes

This Country is Shaped by Boxes Gideon Schwartzman     Project  This studio section was geared towards imagining a Presidential Library for George Washington in Washington D.C. at George Washington University. Students produced individual building proposal that worked towards giving architectural definition to the term POP […]

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Achieving The Ultimate Monolith

Achieving The Ultimate Monolith Nick Stathopoulos  Interview Who influences you graphically? Throughout architecture school I found myself heavily influenced by cinema. Blade Runner, Star Wars, Alien, Metropolis, all pushed the boundaries of cinematography and where films that where key in my understanding of composition, a critical component […]

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Photographs As Site

Photographs As Site Sergio Max Legon-Talamoni   Interview Who influences you graphically? What, rather than who, influences me graphically, at least for this project is that of engaging with alternative or surrogate modus operandi, or manners of operating. Traditional architectural representation techniques still govern the way I […]

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Exploring and Exploiting Coexistence

Exploring and Exploiting  Coexistence    Carol Ciccarelli Master Thesis in Urban Design 2016 – Universita’ degli Studi di Roma Tre   Project The project is developed in the canal area of Eindhoven, a small but smart city located in the South of the Netherlands. The […]

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Images that Recreate First Impressions

Images that Recreate First Impressions Nicola Giannoni Project_Vegan Factory The project is a Vegan Cultural Centre and it consists of a restaurant, an art gallery, a cooking school, a wine cellar, an external theatre, some collective vegetable gardens and aromatic gardens. The project area is […]

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Hugh Strange Architects (Hugh Strange / Tom Bates)

Exploring The Atypical Drawing

Exploring The Atypical Drawing Hugh Strange Architects Interview Who influences you graphically? We often find ourselves drawn to medieval drawings and illustrations of the city, buildings and landscapes, particularly those found in the books of Petrus de Crescentiis. We are also very keen on the […]

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A Grid to Tame the Chaos of Urban living

A Grid to Tame the Chaos of Urban living Amy Park Interview What determined your interest in modernist architecture? My interest in painting modernist architecture began when I was living in Chicago after graduate school. I had a job that required me to commute in […]

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Postcards From The Lynnway

Postcards From The Lynnway Post-Professional Design Studio: Edward Mitchell & Aniket Shahane, Yale School of Architecture #YSoA. “What makes a city?” Andreas De Camps & Shreya Shah   Lynn does not have the image of a city it once did as evidenced by its rich […]

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Natural meets Man Made_Exploring The Neutral Monolith

Natural meets Man Made_Exploring the Neutral Monolith Paranoia Architects Project An architecture totally immersed in nature , which, through neutral monolithic elements, joins the man-made landscape creating new landmarks that remind the ones previously present in the environment. Using elements without unnecessary superfectations and going back […]

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Architecture to Alter our Perception of the Landscape

Architecture to Alter our Perception of the Landscape  Antonio Buonaurio  Interview Who influences you graphically? The works start from a passion for the art movement called vedutismo (18th century Italian art movement) in which views of cities and landscapes are presented. There are no specific artists that […]

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