Natural meets Man Made_Exploring The Neutral Monolith

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Natural meets Man Made_Exploring the Neutral Monolith

Paranoia Architects


An architecture totally immersed in nature , which, through neutral monolithic elements, joins the man-made landscape creating new landmarks that remind the ones previously present in the environment. Using elements without unnecessary superfectations and going back to simple geometrical forms, which remind an idea rather than a space, we want to represent a scalable concept according to the environment. We investigate the best connection between the idea and the context using neutral and distorted colours not to identify the insertion into a definite place but into a context of clear characteristics. The basis of these elements is the standardization of the services in their more or less big dimensions, which are decontextualized from the urban and functional city and reinserted into the natural utopian city, which we hope will reached in the near future: a photographic negative of the modern city where the present percentages of the cover of parks and built will be reversed suggesting a new lifestyle.


Who influences you graphically?

We are influenced by Superstudio’s drawings; representatives of radical architecture, present in their thinking still relevant themes such as “Continuous Monument” and “Supersurface”.

What dictated your choice of landscapes?

The choice is based on landscapes always different uniforms and extreme, attempting to cover the greatest number of possibilities which man can encounter.

How does the coloured background influence and establish relationship or distances the landscape from realism?

Background colors take away the superfluous to leave representations in the forms and elements closely considered in the design, such as the sky in our projects it is not considered a context.

To what extent would the treatment of the drawings as monochromatic change the impact and perception of your concept?

It emphasizes the use of monochrome forms without the luxury of getting lost in the subtle details that do not significantly would affect the relationship with the landscape, but only the relationship between architecture and man. We consider first of architecture as an inhabitant of nature.

What does the term natural Utopian mean for you?
“Natural Utopian” means a place where nature lives together with the anthropic without being overwhelmed, a utopia in which nature can be expressed without being repressed.

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Paranoia is composed of three students of architecture that challenge issues related to the change in the natural landscape by taking them to extremes, to the paranoia.


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