Month: July 2016

The Loudest Shout

The Loudest Shout  Fosbury Architecture Interview Who influences you graphically? We’re eight people. The final image depends by who shouted louder during the discussion. In other words our images are a mèlange of everything we like. Everything we like today is :  Heston Blumenthal, Simon […]

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Dutch Suprematism_When Koolhaas met Malevich

Dutch Suprematism_When Koolhaas met Malevich Federico Musso Project The project features a collection of images which are constructed out of the  juxtaposition of pieces of architecture from different firms inspired by russian constructivism and suprematism. Interview Who influences you graphically outside from the suprematist world?  Lately I’m […]

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Architecture as Memory

Architecture as Memory Olivia Imanuela Project Flinders Street Station has always been one of Melbourne’s greatest monuments. Serving as the city’s first train station, this station was designed not only as a mere station but also a three-storey-self betterment facilities for Melburnians and railway officers.  As time goes by, political and cultural issues had turned this massive structure majorly unoccupied.  Through the decades this […]

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