Architecture as Memory

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Architecture as Memory

Olivia Imanuela


Flinders Street Station has always been one of Melbourne’s greatest monuments. Serving as the city’s first train station, this station was designed not only as a mere station but also a three-storey-self betterment facilities for Melburnians and railway officers.  As time goes by, political and cultural issues had turned this massive structure majorly unoccupied.  Through the decades this ‘monument’ has been in a pervasive amnesia in individual and collective memory, a forgotten gem, a dormant and ignored monument.

This project vision is to awake the dormant monument by providing new facilities which reconnect the existed structure to city and people’s memory. The form and program exploration is mainly shaped by how piece by piece of this station exists in people’s memory, how each piece affect the new facility form in different layer of time.



Who influences you graphically?

My graphic is influenced by various sources. From the modest and closest ones : Lindy Joubert, Richo Wirawan; to the pretentious ones : Andy Warhol, Rem Koolhaas, and music album artwork of Arcade Fire, Phoenix, Tycho.

You explore your proposal through the art of collage, how does this reflect the proposal’s objective of balancing and reinventing the new with the old? 

I contrast the playful and unreal collage with the real photograph of the building to enhance the new and the old. This is to let people experience the art of my ‘conceptual world’ while the old remains real as a part of reality which we cannot change.

What is the effect and purpose of positioning certain figures outside of the ‘frame’?

A : I do not think a drawing should have a boundary. Positioning figures outside the ‘frame’ is one of my conscious way to break the boundary.

To what extent does the texture inform materiality and/or establish a specific playful atmosphere?

I do  not intend to give any information about materiality. The drawing is rather used as a ‘mood-setter’ while the materiality would be explained in other diagrams. Through the collage, I want people to experience the exact imagination constructed inside my mind, putting aside for a while its practicality.

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