Play Natural_Images which Stimulate the Mind

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Play Natural_Images which Stimulate the Mind

Martino Pezzolla 


The playground, which is developed on the trace of the prefab of the ex nursery school, tries to recreate the situations and the movements happening in the nature.

Play zone is located in the area with most of the vegetation, in the upper strip, and is defined by different play spaces that have nature as the main theme: the first strip is dedicated to climbing, which, in my opinion, is  a metaphor of exploration. Then there is a space dedicated to balance, a fundamental skill in  a natural environment. Finally toddlers follow the same theme, in fact games are referred to nature as well.



Who influences you graphically?

I know it might sound predictable, but I have to admit I’m influenced by Archigram works, particularly Peter Cook. I really like the graphic representation by Jakov Georgievič Černichov. But once I’m finished with my illustrations and I have a look through them, I feel like I should re-think those references…

What defined the colour palette and what significance does the tone red hold?

When I chose the colour palette, I had a calm, tranquil scene in mind. To me, it’s almost as if the images can shift and move, only at a very slow pace. The red tones are used to accentuate the sports equipment, which I specifically selected because they simulate natural movements.

You explore your proposal through atmospheric, respective views. How would a plan, or axonometric drawing influence the way the viewer reads and perceives the project?

I believe that an illustration should be infused with its creator’s interpretation first, which viewers should then go on to perceive in their own way, completely subjectively. Plans and axonometry are technical tools which are useful for fully understanding a project, but, in my opinion, do limit viewers’ imaginations.

How do you mirror this side of movements occurring in nature graphically? And how could nature have been featured more prominently from a representational point of view to reinforce your argument? (instead of purely adding trees, maybe using collage as a tool? etc)

The sports equipment I chose for the project is intended to evoke movements that exist in nature; climbing, balancing, etc. I wanted the equipment to bring to mind natural, free-flowing movements. I needed my illustrations to highlight the equipment I’d chosen more than anything, as this is the cornerstone of the project. For the flora within the images, I’ve simply used the same identical trees over and over; I did this to communicate the fact that the sites have many green spaces, without wanting to give them a specific description. I wouldn’t have considered using collages or photos – I feel like these kinds of tools provide too much of a pre-defined, static feel for what I wanted to convey. My illustrations are, instead, intended to provide a general vision of the project through stimulation of the mind.

That work was for a competition: “Kompan award”. The aim: to realize a landscape accessible purpose of the area that include an inclusive playground for the whole family.
The playground should meet the purpose of providing child development by significantly improve health, learning and social inclusion, in a fun and voluntary way. For these reasons the participants had a collection of equipment available on the “Kompan” web site.




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