The Loudest Shout

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The Loudest Shout 

Fosbury Architecture


Who influences you graphically?

We’re eight people. The final image depends by who shouted louder during the discussion. In other words our images are a mèlange of everything we like.

Everything we like today is :  Heston Blumenthal, Simon Evans, Tim Eitel, Nigel Van Wiek, Dino Buzzati’s drawings, Studio Ghibli, Sol LeWitt, dioramas, James Turrell, Mad Max fury road, Masaaki Yuasa, propaganda’s posters, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Eva Le roi, Alien’s spaceships, La grande Bouffe, Ugo Gattoni, Ettore Sottsass, The book of palms, Josephine Baker, bossa nova album covers, Archizoom, Mario Sironi, Yves Saint Laurent, Robert Crumb, Mario Giacomelli, Jurrasic park, Alex Tew, Candida Höfer, Ivan Il’ič Leonidov, Otto Neurath, Antonio Ligabue, Morandi etchings, Thomas Struth, vaporwave atmospheres, Die Antwoord’s videos, Renato Natali, No Man’s Sky, chinese restaurant, Alfonso Gatto’s painting, The last of us , Carl Linnaeus, Gianfranco Baruchello, Brian Chippendale, Saul Steinberg, Jan Van Eyck, Ellsworth Kelly, Afro-Trinidadian paintings, all zombie movies, Raymond Pettibon, Tzu Chi Yeh, Andrea Verrocchio, Tiziano Vecellio, Philippe Parreno, Joseph Wright of Derby, Pink Floyd’s covers, Carlo Mollino, vintage porn, Rohan Daniel Eason, Heinrich Tessenow, everything which is valuable that we might encounter through web surfing, Julian Opie, Daniel Buren, Miuccia Prada, Gio Ponti, Federico Fellini,  Kazujo Sejima, Jonas Wood, ice cream billboards, Bill Murray.

What is your work process in terms of programs used?

Autocad                                     * * * * * *

Gmail                                         * * * *

Photoshop                                * * * * *

Illustrator                                  * * * * *

Indesign                                     * * *

Rhino                                         * *

Premiere                                   *

Hand drawing                          * *

Sketchup                                   *

Office                                         *

Epson Workforce WF-7610    * * *

Spotify                                       * * * * *

How would physical models help in exploring the textural and atmospheric elements of the drawings?

Physical models come always at the end of a process, as final tests of our ideas.

To what extent can the format of the images reinforce the proposal, what role does the circle play in framing the image when compared to the square or rectangle?

The circle frame it’s a matter of fashion. It fits easily in layouts.

Many of the images feature a central perspective, what is the effect and purpose for this?  

All the members of our group were born and raised in Italy. That means that we’ve entered hundred churches with central perspectives, chatted on the stairs of many squares of the reinassance, walked in cities with simmetrical spaces. Central perspective , for us, was a natural choice.

How relevant are people in the images and how might the image be perceived differently in their absence?

We use them as colorfull patches. ( trying to avoid Magritte and Hockney )

/Users/nicolacampri/Dropbox/FOSBURY/31_Grand Hotel Porro/03_dise

Grand Hotel_Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy

/Users/nicolacampri/Dropbox/FOSBURY/31_Grand Hotel Porro/Senza t

Grand Hotel_Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy

1. Esterno

Museum re-development_Corporate Identity Design, Turin, Italy

TAVOLA1_TORINO base esempio


YAC Competition



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