A Market of Colour

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A Market of Colour

Hans Tanggawidjaja



New Keputran market in Surabaya is the result of the redesigning of the North Keputran markets that already exists today in Surabaya, the old keputran market redesigned with the new standards and programs. It is intended to facilitate the users of today through the addition of features such as retail, parking, and the monorail passenger waiting room. The facility is also expected to be one of the buildings which responds to the context of the city as well as being part of the commercial buildings that can refresh the economy of Surabaya.



Who influences you graphically ? 

My graphic language developed as a response to the photorealistic images of the students at my university. Bored by this graphic approach I decided to develop something different which would reflect my aesthetic approach, something cartoonish and diagrammatic.

What dictated your color palette ?

I like primary colors, because each color created contrast and requires to be balanced by neutral color in the background. In this way the audience can instantly focus on the main image without getting lost with background noise.

How does the black background influence the image ?

I choose black as background because I feel black is really neutral, and at the same time it feels dark enough to feature the lighter central object above which is the focal point.

How would the communication between images as a format have helped in reinforcing the theme of the market as a place for exchange ?

Actually, the image atmosphere that I’m trying to produce indicates the site as context itself. The context of the traditional market, also its problem that needs to be solved. And also the fact that image of existing market become worse time by time. I feel I can give my design solution to the city as a good citizen.

What is your take on the art collage?

Art collage that impress me actually come from many different random things. In my opinion, it can summarize the problem, context and also the solution with different perspective of ‘beautiful and good looking’ rendering.

Hans Tanggawidjaja_1Hans Tanggawidjaja_2Hans Tanggawidjaja_3Hans Tanggawidjaja_4Hans Tanggawidjaja_5


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