Building a Contemporary Monument

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Building a Contemporary Monument

Agatha Lavaud 



The project proposes a reflexion upon the “Paris metropole”, working on the extension of the parisien monument ; la Comédie Française (classical theatre) in the suburbs. The building is designed in order to transmit the traditional aspect of the parisien monument out of the urban context of Paris. The architectural language of the Theatre is developed in parallel to the classical perception of the monument.


Who influences you graphically?
For this project, I was especially influenced by Aldo Rossi’s drawings. I wanted to translate his vision of monumental architecture by using this symmetric composition. Surrealists photography and painting were also a source of inspiration.

You explore your proposal through all means of representation, why so? Do you trust that only like this, is it possible to fully convey a project?
In fact, I chose to use differents ways of representation concerning this project. Plan, section, axonometric and 3D views allowed me to show all aspects of the project and make it full understanding. However, I don’t think it’s the only way; many projects need only one plan or one views to be perfectly understood.

How relevant is the term monument nowadays? How did the specific views highlight the monumentality of this theatre extension?
I think the Monument in architecture is a real question nowadays. It represents the city’s image. It’s a landmark in a known landscape. Building a monument today is an action full of history and meaning.
The project’s views emphasize the monumentality of the theatre extension by making symmetrical and radical points of views.
Then, the building’s forms are putting in light of this graphic situation. Forms are simple and efficient.

You chose to feature only two people within the interior view, what is the effect and purpose?
To what extent does the texture, hint to a specific materiality and or atmosphere?
By representing only two people in the interior view, I chose to highlight the architecture itself, and only it. The lack of people in this place -normally full of visitors- allow the transmission of a monumental et respectful aspect of the theatre.The texture used in pictures creates a timeless perception of the building, a monumental perception. So, the image of the project is not a realistic one, but a surrealist one.

Theatre view 02, Agathe Lavaud, ENSAVT Master 2 PFETheatre view 01, Agathe Lavaud, ENSAVT Master 2 PFETheatre interior view 01, Agathe Lavaud, ENSAVT Master 2 PFEaxoCOUPE TRANS 500 retocuheR+1 500 retoucheRDC 500 retouche


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