The Modernist Risograph

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The Modernist Risograph

Josephin Ritschel

Josephin is an illustrator, living and working in Berlin. Her complex risograph illustrations portray modernist homes from the likes of Prouvé, Neutra and Bo Bardi. Ritschels’ work has been published on numerous books and magazine including The New York Times, Nobrow, Thames and Hudson, Architectural Digest and Wallpaper.


Who influences you graphically?

There is no “who”, there is more a “what”, so this is for example: sceneries of old movies or photos of architecture

What drives you to represent certain buildings/scenes rather than others?

I just feel like working with perspective and room more than drawing people

Whilst some images are coloured, others are left black and white. What is the effect and purpose behind this decision? What dictates your colour palette? 

Almost all were started in black and white and were coloured later at the computer. Most of the time the client wishes coloured illustrations but I prefer quite often the black and white ones. So its more not a decision by myself. For me its really hard to choose colours and decide which ones I will take and it takes a lot time to randomly try different versions.

What is your work process? In terms of programs used, sketching etc.

First of all I make a sketch, then I draw in the final drawing. If wanted or needed I colour the illustration at the computer, so really easy

Do you work from photographs and/or on site? 

I am collecting a big computer file with photos and using them for inspiration. If I work on a real existing house I really want to understand the building and have a lot of photos to help me with that.

To what extent has the eccentric and creative environment of Berlin influenced your work?

Not really the city, more the great people I have met in university. We all influenced us in working on and on and not feeling alone while doing that.


Richard Neutra







Jean Prouvé


Lina Bo Bardi


Ritschel Room in Las Vegas





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