Month: October 2016

We Are Like Bowerbirds

Other Architects Interview Who influences you graphically? In the eastern part of Australia, where we live, there is a type of bird called a satin bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus). For some reason, the males of this species like to collect blue objects, and place them within […]

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Mixed Realism Meets Flatness and Symbolism

Mixed Realism Meets Flatness and Symbolism  Nowadays Office_Olena Grankina, Alena Kazaryan, Anna Kopeina, Natalya Mastalerzh, Nata Tatunashvili, Anastasia Tikhomiriva, Polina Philippova, Lera Choobara Involving the work of Nadezhda Zlobina (3D rendering) Project In May 2015, the 90000 sq m territory of the former vodka factory […]

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