Exploring Human Connections to Place through Space and Time


Exploring Human Connections to Place through Space and Time

Evan Wakelin


The  thesis is an exploration of human connection to multiple places through space and time.

As one moves from one city to the next, they leave behind friends, family, and experiences. However, people remain connected to these places through memory, correspondence, and revisitation. This connection suggests a sense of attachment which is neither here nor there, but an identity caught somewhere in between. This fragmented identity is prevalent in the globalised city, whereby every migrant retains a personal connection to someplace else, be it within the same country, or on the other side of the world. Doreen Massey outlines a human “desire for fixity and for security of identity in the middle of all the movement and change. “A ‘sense of place.’, she explains can provide…stability and a source of unproblematical identity.

The drawings for the review, are a literal interpretation of “time-space compression,” describing a “stable identity” and “rootedness” within the placelessness of globalisation. Each drawing portrays an intersection of a Toronto housing typology, with that of another city. The intersection implies this persistent connection to a past place of belonging. The drawings suggest not only an intersection of architecture, but one of climate, sound, smell, and taction. The end result is a structure that bridges this fragmentation, a unified sense of home which can exist only within the human mind.



Aside from the references for this project who influences you graphically? is every project approached in a very diverse way depending on the thesis or do you have a general aesthetic? 

This project has been heavily influenced by the collage visualisation of various architects such as a Dogma and np2f. I am still new to the collage aesthetic, coming from a background in hand illustration.

How could the format os maybe a postcard and or something relating to the theme of memory have been exploited? To what extent could the medium have helped the message?

I explored the concept of memory additionally with an interactive multimedia model. The model displayed not only an intersection of different architectures, but also one of sound and tactility.

You explore the theme of time and space through the use of delicate textures and colours, how would a different graphic approach have the possibility to change the way the project is perceived? 

This project is currently in the  process of being developed further. I am exploring other methods to build upon the thesis topic. I am interested in expressing  the materiality of the architecture in greater detail.

What is the effect and reason behind the grey background and white frame? How does this immortalise and reveal the ‘house’ as an island?

The grey background and frame exemplifies the globalised home as a placeless entity, a type of rootedness that exists purely in the mind.



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