It’s a Vivid Colours Affair

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It’s a Vivid Colours Affair 

Do Gwang Hun



Who influences you graphically?

Henri Rousseau, Joan Miró , Aldo Rossi, OMA, OMMX, KGDVS, Dogma “something + texture” in Google search, Rhinoceros’ screen. The features of Adobe Photoshop and the question “Who influences you graphically?” where others answered.

What dictated your choice of colour palette?

There isn’t a standard for this. I try different things and once I get something that I “like”,
I stop trying. However, instead of tuning from each layer on a PSD file, I tune from the entire tone on the JPG file, because changing the colours from each layer versus changing the image colours from the merged image are clearly different.
Also, I like to explore to various platforms and take a look at them, because colours are different depending on the monitor or the printer you use.

Whilst the external axonometric features vivid colours the internal views are much more textural and settle, what is the effect and purpose for this?

Vivid colours are basically good for attracting others’ eyes. Its attraction is like saying “Hey look at me. I’m so hot, so push the LIKE button”. Additionally, vivid colours clearly distinguish the materials even if it is not a real material. It’s like they keep on telling me that things are combined so it motivates me as a tectonic diagram.

On the other hand, the indoor drawings tend to make it unclear, because I just have to create the atmosphere. I use to add excessive noise on them. The best thing is when you enlarge the iphone screen to the point where the image collapses, that’s where it’s good enough.

You talk about creating without context but paradoxically your are a product of your own context and thereby the house in itself is part of a continuum, to what extent do you agree with this? 

There can’t be a building without a context. What I mean by that is, I’m not saying that we don’t need a context, but rather saying that it won’t matter even if the context changes. As long as it serves its purpose, it won’t matter whether that building is in Hawaii, or Seoul. I want to say that at least in this project, this is not important.

What dictated the choice of scenes you chose to portray?

Regarding the positions of the scenes, I’ve been vaguely thinking about it while I was working on design. After the computer modelling is somewhat completed, I will try to get back to that position, and take care of it here and there. As I set the positions of the scenes, there are cases where the modellings that I made aren’t so good, so at that time I modify the modelling, and change the floor plan. Instead, I try to make a feedback to see if I have abandoned many things for one prospective, since I am not Mattaclark. The designs that received feedback through drawing are more vivid and interesting.

All the images except one seize to show people, why? 

I think that in drawing, the role of people is to show the scale, and if I can see the scale, I don’t need to put people in it, and rather I would show the scale with sculptures, furnitures or other materials. I’ve seen the drawing called “Une Ville contemporaine” from “Le Corbusier”, and even though the drawing did not have a person, it was great with just tea cups. Also, since it is hard to portray a person with high quality, I choose not to put them. I seldom crop the people that are drawn by the artists that I like.

House for neighborhood(Community center)

This is a home for all, it is an aesthetic accomplishment, I don’t care about anything without purpose. So I didn’t think about context, site or generics.

If you want to change something in this building, please have it your own way but remind yourself that mine was an aesthetic struggle.


House for neighborhood(Community center)

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

House for neighborhood(Community center)


House for neighborhood(Community center)


House for neighborhood(Community center)


House for neighborhood(Community center)


The moment from a moment(Hotel)  

When I sleep in someplace else other than my own bedroom I always get sensitive over little things; the opening of doors and fridge, feeling the scratch of the curtain rods and the pole when I open the curtain, wondering which lights turn on when I turn the random switches, peeing, leaning my body on an unfamiliar chair and a bed…

But everything is mingled and mixed because the typical hotel rooms are so much alike my bedroom.

I have imagined the perfect hotel for me who have always thought about sleeping in someplace else. Someplace that does not spoil the possibilities of fascinating sensitive experiences in the new place but still makes us to imagine and expect the special moments of space, and yet the place where I can meet someone like me.



The moment from a moment(Hotel)

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

The moment from a moment(Hotel)


The moment from a moment(Hotel)


The moment from a moment(Hotel)



Do Gwang Hun is part of the design staff at Seoul. He has a B Arch and a master’s degree in Urban Planning.



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