Agriculture Park as a Principle of Urban Transformation

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Agriculture Park as a Principle of Urban Transformation

Bogdan Peric


The area of San Cristoforo is an abandoned yard in the South-West of Milan, severed by the canal Naviglio Grande and the railway. The main objective of the project is to achieve the integration of this existing area to the surrounding tissue, by creating the continuity both in West-East and South-North directions.

The main concept of the project is inspired by the strong presence of the agricultural land in the South of the project location and therefore it becomes the starting point of the strategy to blur the margins of the city and rural surroundings by merging an existing idea of the public linear park with the productive agricultural function and establishing the new principle of urban transformation by means of a public agricultural park.
In order to gain the maximum land use of the productive area, the housing units are moved outside the main project site to the secondary locations also dedicated to the transformation process, still satisfying the demanded residential needs, also creating the new idea of the vertical transversal axis connecting the new housing facilities on the North with the sport features and the research center on the South.

This cruciform strategic layout outcome is reinforced by the new permanent market, which is placed at the intersection of the two visual axes, shaping the central attraction point, uniting the main idea of integration and continuity of the urban fabric.


Who influences you graphically?
There is no specific influence for the graphics.
The choice was made to communicate the drawings in a very light way by applying different geometrical hatches and avoiding the extreme use of colour.

What dictated the colour palette?
To be honest, I started by choosing the first colour, which in my case, was blue, and then I simply used the color spectrum circle in order to find the best match.

What is the effect and purpose of balancing monochromatic palette with hints of colour?
Since this project represents the agricultural development and the public green regeneration, it was necessary to underline the difference between the natural and built environment. The objective was to achieve the absolute clarity of the drawing.

You mainly explore your proposal through plan, why so?
I believe that the answer is very simple. Dealing with the urban scale project, the plan is the easiest way to reveal the firm geometrical framework of my design.

From rectangle to circle, what dictates the way you chose to frame and format your images?
As we know, the ellipse is the axonometric circle composed from two principal axes.
The general layout of the masterplan is based on the strong cruciform strategy deriving from the theoretical aspects of the project influenced both by the integration process and the strong presence of an abandoned terminal building designed by Aldo Rossi. In order to emphasise the clarity of the drawings, it was decided to use the basic geometry underlining the purity of the urban structure.



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