Creating Opportunity for Change

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Creating Opportunity for Change

Saphiya Abu Al-Maati_Master of Architecture 1 Candidate – Adam Frampton Studio – Columbia GSAPP

These images portray a snapshot of the newly proposed campus for Atlantic City. Aiming to return the city to the residents who live there rather than tourists passing through, this proposal creates a layering of social and physical infrastructure that work on both the urban and architectural scale to create opportunity for change. The new campus model will move away from the traditional field like condition we have become accustomed to and will take place in small individual pieces that move throughout the city, focusing on job training for residents who have fallen into the unemployment problem facing Atlantic City, one of the nation’s worst cities for unemployment at the time. As the majority of residents living on the island cannot afford a car or to  take the two hour plus round trip bus ride to existing job training centers, the centers will now come to them. A series of canals will work to move the newly installed pieces across the city, creating a mobile campus that meets the needs of residents and will not be affected by the incessant flooding that causes school closures in the area so often. The canals will also serve to raise property value, mitigate flood damage, and create new spaces of social interaction.

The images represent the earliest stage of a project that underwent many changes throughout the course of work, though embody the strongest ideas that were unfortunately lost in the later phases.


Who influences you graphically?
During this project I tried to force myself to try new styles and techniques, especially during the early stages, so I tried to take inspiration from a wide range of both architects and artists that work across different medium.

How important is the tool of the diagram in conveying certain ideas and principals in opposition to other means of representation?
I have a tendency to work with the diagram quite often — probably too often — though I believe it does play a great role in being able to convey an idea or thought in a very condensed form. In a project that is based more on concept/idea or speculation of what could be, rather than the minute specifics, I think the diagram allows for a quick explanation or overview of what that means before getting lost in the particulars.

What is the purpose and effect of a monochromatic palette?
The monochromatic palette was entirely new for me to use, but I found it to be very freeing. Without needing to focus on the way that colors come together or how shades of grey appear next to one another, the monochromatic palette allowed for me to stay in the mode of creation and thought.

To what extent does the framing of an image, in your case through a circle, affect ones reading of it?
Because the scope of the brief was so large and had the potential to span across all of Atlantic City, I found that when zooming into one moment in the project, the circle did not imply.




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