Month: November 2016

The Institute of Hydroponic Development

The Institute of Hydroponic Development Ben Simpson  Project The UK population is projected to increase by 9.7 million over the next 25 years from an estimated 64.6 million in mid-2014 to 74.3 million in mid-2039 (6). Two questions arise, Where will these people live? How […]

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Initiating Imaginative Leaps

Initiating Imaginative Leaps Supercontext Architecture Studio Interview Who Influences you graphically? Our principal influences come from architects, artists and films where there is a “flattened” approach to composition, as opposed to one that artificially creates drama through exaggerated or multi-point perspectives. We also take inspiration […]

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City Islands

City Islands Olivera Savic Interview Who influences you graphically? During my studies, I’ve always searched for role models who would inspire me and help me express my own feelings and ideas. There are so many different images flying through my head. During the past few years I […]

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Contributing To a New Imagination

Contributing To a New Imagination Sylvie Hagens Interview Who influences you graphically? Though there is no single definition of architecture, as it changes according to the context and the needs of man, ‘good’ architecture always has two main characteristics. Firstly architecture listens, secondly architecture speaks. […]

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It’s All About Colour!

It’s All About Colour! Gaurab Thakali Project Gaurab Thakali’s work explores the notion of activity through the use of rich colours and vivid scenes. His projects range from a pop up for a Camden Town Brewery as well as editorial material for Fireflies, Mosaic Science and Protein Journal and a book […]

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This Ruin is Fascinating

This Ruin is Fascinating Ruins Office Abandoned in the middle of an uncommon plot, this ruin is fascinating. It looks extremely fragile because of the time which damages it but also because of the surrounding architecture so suffocating. However, this glory of the past probably […]

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Building on Tangible Themes

Building on Tangible Themes Frank Gossage Interview Who influences you graphically? In the pure representational sense I’m interested in testing different strategies to convey each project. I’ve been really into one-offs lately, just producing a gif here a plan or video there for a project. […]

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