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Ardy Hartono Kurniawan 


What if art is able to give new identity and soul to an abandoned island.
Revitalize the island with art, and playful space. Like wandering in nature with curiosity, surprise, and freedom. Dancing in between trees, walls – between the contrast of light and scale. Draw the scenery, play with nature and the man-made Organic spaces, mysterious but welcoming. Adventurous and playful spaces inside a translucent envelope.


Who influences you graphically?

Graphically, I would say that I am influenced by the works of junya ishigami , dogma, and fala atelier,
which excite me to explore my personal graphic style.

How does the graphic language of the proposal reinforce the project?  (texture, palette etc)

I love the idea that every drawing / image has a story in it, and let the observer imagine world inside the drawing.To pursue that value / quality, I was thinking what if every elements (texture, color palette, people, trees, etc) is unique for each project,and could persuade the observer, like reading a comic book or when we appreciate paintings.

What is your take on the institution of the Museum in the 21st century?

Personally, I love very much to be inside a museum and exhibition, and I like the fact that in this century, there are a lot of new museums, with different characteristic, both architecturally and content. I think it is a great credit to museum institution, which always offers new things, and inspire people.

What dictated the choice of views you decided to frame? What inspired these?

 Regarding the choice of view / framing, usually I am inspired from movie scene, paintings, or the scenes from comic book.Especially in this project, I got the inspiration from Jacques Tati ‘s  Playtime.

To what extent does art require a physical construction to be exhibited?

In my opinion, physical elements and art could work together to create a special and unique atmosphere.As simple as, the physical elements can be a neutral background, or as a guide of movement, support and create a special experience. Of course it depends to the character of the art itself.



Ardy completed his master degree at Dessau Institute of Architecture in Germany. He subsequently worked at firms as Junya Ishigami in Tokyo. He has now moved back to his home country Indonesia where he works as co-founder and architects of Dua Studio. the practice’s interest lies in both research/narrative  based design and the architectural representation as a tool to shape ideas.



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