It’s All About Colour!

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It’s All About Colour!

Gaurab Thakali


Gaurab Thakali’s work explores the notion of activity through the use of rich colours and vivid scenes. His projects range from a pop up for a Camden Town Brewery as well as editorial material for Fireflies, Mosaic Science and Protein Journal and a book about life in Nepal post-earthquake


Who influences you graphically?

I suppose artists that I look up to from different eras like – Cezanne, Van Gogh, Guston, Monet, Gauguin, Henri Rousseau, Joost Swarte, Matisse, Edward Hopper, etc.

What is your work process? (hand drawing, photoshop, bamboo tablet?) and what is your preferred tool?

I always begin with a pencil sketch on a paper and then depending on how much time I have for the particular piece whether its a commission or a personal work, if I have enough time I paint it with gouache if not I tend to digitally colour it on photoshop using the tablet. There are pros and cons for both of the way I make images but I would prefer to draw or paint on paper, canvas etc, then on photoshop.

What is the effect os transforming a two dimensional drawing in a three dimensional space as done for the stand?

It was a very simple process, I was thinking of a bar environment when I was working on the project and it all came naturally, pretty much like creating a wallpaper but with 3 dimensional element to it.

To what extent and how does the use of colour convey the atmosphere or specific qualities of a space?
What defines the space you chose to represent?

For my work choosing the right colours to create an atmosphere and giving a sense of space is very important as with all the painters I’ve mentioned above like the impressionists. Using colour is one of the most enjoyable process for me. Again its a very natural process, I start with something that interests me and I build up the drawing from there until i feel like its finished.



Gaurab Thakali is a Nepalese illustrator/printmaker based in London.


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