City Islands

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City Islands

Olivera Savic


Who influences you graphically?
During my studies, I’ve always searched for role models who would inspire me and help me express my own feelings and ideas. There are so many different images flying through my head. During the past few years I have found inspiration from a masterclass at the Institute für Gebäudelehre at Technical University Graz, on my second master project. A big influence were the student’s works from that class. Then, I can surely say that my influences are Archigram, Superstudio… and of course Dogma, OMA, Monadnock, Valter Scelsi and many others. I’m also attracted to artworks by many painters and photographers. For example French artist Fabienne Rivory, who creates these unusually beautiful images by working with photographs and watercolour paints. My older sister Jelena Cvetkovic is a painter and watching her create amazing art and paintings for years influenced my own development as an architect and left a big trace.

What is the effect and purpose of watercolour palette & texture? How would the images be received different through the use of solid colours?
In most of my works, the technique of mixing watercolours with realistic photos and renderings is used to show the difference between real and imaginary/unreal world. The most important purpose would be to show and represent the atmosphere and spirit of a certain space. Using solid colours expression would be maybe stronger but in comparison  watercolours, they would surely present the lack of contrast in the image.

You compose through fragments, to what extent does collage apply to the practice of architecture
at large?
The collages give the architects a great opportunity to express themselves. There are no time or spatial limits. You can combine so many different styles, layers and dimensions to show the unique idea and feeling from your mind. I think that’s why collage is a very powerful weapon when we are talking about architectural presentations.

How does the juxtaposition of colour to monochromatic cut outs influence the way an image is read?
With placing two elements side by side and letting the viewer compare them. This act compares and contrasts the two elements and can show irony, humor, beauty or sadness. Whatever you want to say or show, you can do it with contrasts. They casually relate to each other and are more than some of its parts.

Olivera Savić, architecture student from Serbia, currently finishing master’s studies on Technological University in Graz, Austria. Finished bachelor studies in Niš, Serbia.

Olivera Savić
11.08.2016, Graz, Austria



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