A Hybrid Representation Between Reality and Fiction

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Perspective View, Students, Texture

A Hybrid Representation Between  Reality and Fiction



Who influences you graphically ?

Miles Gertler, Groupe µ and Max Ernst

« I’m certain my work has been influenced by Aalto’s, but also by hundreds other architects. If you isolate an influence, you’re lost. » Alvaro Siza

You create and compose through the re assembling of fragments, how does this help you construct your own narrative ?

This technique allows an hybride representation between  reality and fiction.

« Collage is the noble conquest of the irrational, the coupling of two realities, irreconcilable in appearance, upon a plane which apparently does not suit them. »

Max Ernst

What is your take on the art of collage ?

Its speed of execution and its accuracy makes it the perfect medium to produce series and become an efficient design process.

« Man always need two simultaneous images : the « real » and the  « imaginary ».  Why quotation marks ? Because none of them are entirely real nor imaginary. » Imre Kertész

What dictates the way you choose to represent a proposal, in terms of palette/atmosphere etc ?

 Every projects are taken as opportunities for graphical experiment. Each project is unique, but is part of an experimental serie.

«Whoever finds without seeking is one that has long sought without finding» Gaston Bachelard.

How powerful is the perspective view in really representing and conveying the essence of a space when compared to the typical plan/section/elevation ?

A single drawing documents the project accurately and sensitively

«Such is my vision. I aspire for a time when man will have a higher perspective and broader than his belly » Jack London

To what extent do you agree with the axonometric as being the most complete form of drawing ?

We’d rather consider the isometric axonometric, in which the proportionality of all sides and lengths are preserved.

«It offers to the reader, at the same time, the plan of the building, its façade, its section and its interior layout» Auguste Choisy






08 TEST _ Mise en page

08 TEST _ Mise en page


BAST is a Toulouse based architecture practice, founded in 2013 by Laurent DIDIER and Mathieu LE NY.

In 2016, Jean-Baptiste FRIOT and Louis LEGER joined the practice which turned into a cooperative society.

BAST intends to develop each project through experimental but rational process.


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