A Contemporary Expression of the Digital Era

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A Contemporary Expression of the Digital Era

Fabiola Morcillo

Fabiola uses a simple dual colour palette to illustrate her interpretation of the digital era.


Who influences you graphically?

My work started when I realizes that I could merge all my interests in one image. Everything started with one house named “House in Yamanote / Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates” which is built on a property of 3 meters x 21 meters, it is a line. I reinterpreted as an illustration, in a pop image which doesn’t have any relation with the original project, only catches the primary concept.


On the other hand my direct influences are Japanese architecture, in general the Metabolist Japanese movement, and all derivations of the contemporary, the music, the things that I see in internet, etc.


What dictates your choice of colour palette? 

The palette that I use is based on solid colours, very pop, I always tend to use pink, I don’t know why, I like it so much. I try to simplify the message with the colours, just two or three, in a pop combination.


What is the purpose and effect of maintaining a dual palette within the images?

I don’t know, maybe it is for my career.

Whilst certain images feature on a white background others are coloured, why so? how does the background frame or distance the image? 

Some of the images are ‘out’ of the background, I don’t do that often, I like use the background as a part of an image so that the lines are a is a subtle intervention based on colour.

What is your take on the axonometric/isometric as both the most complete forms of drawing yet the least subjective?

The digital arts need the technologies and a concept. My art is that simple,it is a contemporary expression of the digital era, no in the literal way, but with my own speech.



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