Month: December 2016

Where Emptiness Opens The Door For Imagination

Where Emptiness Opens The Door For Imagination Angelika Hinterbrandner  Interview Who influences you graphically? I can’t name one specific person or one particular architectural practice that inspires me by itself. Sometimes my work is influenced by music, sometimes by art, photography or yesterdays’ night out […]

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Questioning China’s Contemporary City Building

Questioning  China’s Contemporary City Building Jun Deng Interview Who influences you graphically? OMA, Mansilla + Tunon, Pier Vittoriro Aureli, SANAA, Chris Ware, Drawing Architecture Studio, and my thesis project advisor Albert Pope. To what extent do you agree with the axonometric as the most complete form […]

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A Contextual Metaphor

A Contextual Metaphor  Oriane Jan, Mathilde Meurice & Andie van Arkel  Project The project takes root on a small protected island, that they nicknamed “l’île de la Chevallerais” in reference to the village in which it is located. The building is the result of a contextual metaphor, inspired […]

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A Built Mythology

A Built Mythology Kyriakos Miltiadous Project The current project aims to compose an architectural narration in which human, as a multi-sensory system, intervenes and reshapes the already existing environment of division and confliction, by re-examining the space and its qualities. As a context of investigation […]

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How Do We Situate Ourselves Within Nature?

How Do We Situate Ourselves Within Nature? Lok-Kan Chau Climate change requires action from everyone, but installing solar panels and harvesting rainwater are not enough to save our planet. The fundamental question goes beyond the technical: how do we situate ourselves within the Nature? In […]

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Drawing Natural Authenticity

Drawing Natural Authenticity ZARK Architects The project is the response to a competition for young architects organised in correlation by the governments of Albania and Kosovo s to bring innovation in the spatial development of the border region Albania – Kosovo and to promote economic, social […]

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Drawing The Process

Drawing The Process Homu Architects Interview Who influences you graphically? We are very eclectics and we like to create our personal “correspondance” between the stimulus around us. We think the strongest influences we received are coming from exhibitions of the art paintings or sculpture visited. […]

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Finding A Balance_Exploring Architectural Narratives

Finding A Balance_Exploring Architectural Narratives  Mengyao Han  These illustrations explore a variety of projects from Mengyao’s masters study in Politecnico di Milano. What she finds the most difficult and valuable in architecture drawings is the correct balance between being realistic which is clear enough to […]


The Blob_Constructing Direct Emotional Images

The Blob_Constructing Direct Emotional Images Davide Masserini & Violeta Garcia_Tsinghua University, Spring 2016 – Joint studio Tokyo is not a beginner on hosting worldwide events such as the Olympic Games. This area that congregates other sports facilities is where the new Olympic National Stadium is going […]

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Joyful Simple Free Gestures of Architecture

Joyful Simple Free Gestures of Architecture   Casa Blanca – Oficina de Arquitectura Who influences you graphically? We are influenced by everything that surrounds us, the country where we live (Mexico), its traditions and ways of doing, the natural landscape, everything that touches our senses, […]

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Anise Gallery Postcard Auction

Anise Gallery invites today Saturday the 10th of December from 2pm onwards to participate at their postcard auction to raise money in aid of Health Poverty Action.  50 postcard sized pieces of original art work from gallery artists and friends are on sale up for grabs. […]

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