Dreaming About Buildings Made By Their Inhabitants

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Axonometric, GIF, Monochromatic

Dreaming About Buildings Made By Their Inhabitants


A neutral grid structure which entirely covers the territory screaming:”here you can find architecture”.
We dream about towns in which the buildings are made by its inhabitants.
The ruins of the old cities will be excluded by the grid they can be reconstructed and integrated with the urban space, or will be left to the chaos and step by step involved by the system, and will become part of the landscape.

But first, here’s a project without project, just academic exercises about drawings!




Who influences you graphically?
Everything we found on the internet daily

What dictated the multitude of drawing tools you chose for this proposal?
we want to learn as much as possible.

To what extent do you agree with the notion of the axonometric as the most complete form of drawing?
We don’t have a favorite drawing style, and we believe that the best way to explain a project is the synergy between all form of representation.

What is the power of the animated image?
GIF are so cool!
We must to use them,
on internet animated images are the most popular,
the architects should learn to use them like all the other form of drawing.


Whilst your perspective views are rich in colour the line drawings and aerials neglect this, what is the effect and purpose for this?
Line drawing make focus on the form and structure, colour on the impressions.
We have represented the same area in completely antithetic way, the intersection of the two representation is the real project.

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Klinkerlab is a group of student based in genoa, italy.

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