Loneliness in Architecture

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Loneliness in Architecture

Mario Ricci

Loneliness in Architecture, is what makes it now superfluous compared to the processes of definition of man-made space, empty or constructed. The deconstruction of the dynamics of disciplines, which are due to the needs of communication and the global market, have extremely weakened the operational architecture. What remains are fragments, models and archetypes decaying, endless repetitions. Among other things, the internationalization of the architectural language, always due to communication and merchant needs (but you can say the same for the global use of the English language), leads to oblivion the composition process, and erases the significance of forms architectural. It remains the communicative event and its mystery.

Dissolved from his solitude, the architecture is now impossible to re-establish, for it should be re-found the man and society.

old yellow brown vintage parchment paper texturesolitudine-3


Who influences you graphically?

I could not reconstruct the graphic references of these designs as they are based on extensive research. Today I appreciate designer architects of the school of Naples and Caserta (Gambardella, Servino, etc.)

How does the choice of colour palette and texture influence the theme of solitude?

The choice of colours and textures, refer to the reasoning above, but are not consequential and unique choices. [If the artistic languages were translated into each other, there would be no art, architecture, music, etc …., I can not translate a design through the words of the written language]

solitudine-dellarchitettura-7old yellow brown vintage parchment paper texture

What is your work process, in terms of research-programs etc?

The design of the production process is mixed. Using bases hand-painted drawings with sketh-up, photographs of models, and how to use Photoshop editing program.

 What informed the strong geometric language of the project? 

There is no language in these drawings. The geometry is used as the repeat tool, variation and change

old yellow brown vintage parchment paper textureold yellow brown vintage parchment paper texture


Mario Ricci Architect was born in Casorate Primo (Pavia) in 1970. In 2012 is co-fouder of AtelierTransito with Roberto Corapi and Nicola Rovere. AtelierTransito is a research and design group for innovation and care of metropolitan and rural landscape. [https://ateliertransito.com/]


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