A Synthetic Space In-between The Urban And The Green

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Axonometric, Collage, Students

A Synthetic Space In-between The Urban And The Green 

Riccardo Modolo, Anna Masini and Jialun Yuan


The project of the botanical center, in the area of “Prati di Caprara” ( Bologna, IT) seeks to act as a synthetic space between the urban sapce and the green power from the park of Reno.
This Project was born after a meditation on human intelligence as a third nauture, native human property, quality and defect at same time; this human feature could be an evolution or destruction instrument.



Who influences you graphically?
Being a university student I have the opportunity to experiment a lot in the field of graphic design, always searching for the best solution according to the need of the project in question.
Sometimes, i take the risk of overexposing myself, but this is part of the game and give the possibility to test new techincs and face new interesting results.
I don’t have fixed references, I try all the time to absorb as much as possible about thing that surround me, of course every shape of art like photography, music, design influence me.


What role does the colour burgundy play within the proposal? What dictated your choice of colour palette?
The main intention is to use atypical colors in comparison to the traditional representation, a challenging choice if I think to the classic methods of representation that I learnt during my academic career. I precisely chose the burgundy because it is still a red even if slightly darkened by the blue and at the same time it maintains the capacity to catch the eye without being too sharp.

What is the effect and purpose of monochrome within the perspective views?
White is necessary as to bring the focus on the burgundy elements,in the case of this specific project black and white rapresent the human artefice and burgundy the natural elements.


You explore your proposal through all means of representation, to what extent do you believe that only like this it is possible to fully convey a project?
Each graphic rappresentation depict a specific side of the object. In my opinion not all kinds of graphic design match properly to all the projects, this is why i consider important to test more than one along the work, in order to find out which is the one that enphasize the key points.

How do the silhouettes infer meaning within the images?
Silhouettes are signifacant item on drawings. Depicting the human figure, they have the role to represent the use of the architectural space, generating a likely scenary and strengthening its own peculiarity.


How important is revealing context within the representation of this project?
The importance of the representation of the context changes according to the subject we are working with. In this case is not essential as the project is trying to go beyond it, becoming a theoretical thought on about the relationship between the human intelligence, intended as a third nature, and the nature itself.

47/Users/Anna/Downloads/orto griglia2.dwg5Sunrise over foggy fields and trees, Thompsons Station, Tennessee


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