Month: January 2017

Seducing The Viewer

Seducing The Viewer Form Bureau Sun Boulevard The proposal for the landscaping of a residential development just outside of Moscow aimed to capitalize on the stronger aspects of the urban plan while offsetting its weaknesses. The narrow footpaths and dense network of roads were transformed into lush flowering promenades, the sense of place […]

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Accommodating Changing Lifestyles

Accommodating Changing Lifestyles Eleonora Santucci & Elena Raimondi Project How can a city respond to the complex needs of our society, Which spaces do we need today? The project comes from a deep analysis and considerations on how the enormous changes our world is facing nowadays are influencing our ways of living the cities and the spaces we inhabit. Our lifestyles and traditional set of rules are rapidly changing, according to the dynamics of a world, where sharing economy and digital revolution are modifying our traditional reference points and metrics. The project of two abandoned buildings in Madrid has been the occasion to experiment a new architectural and urban model that tries to respond to the needs of our contemporary society. Working spaces, laboratories for innovation and research will activate the 10.000 m2 ground floor of the building Nave Hormigòn, while the building Nave Metallica will be converted into a covered public space, […]

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Bridging Between Geometry and Narrative

Bridging Between Geometry and Narrative  Sophie Grédiac, Louis Lacrocq, Adrien Rouchet & Dimitri Savitchev Project A counter-relief interpretation of the city of Copenhagen Water, in its richness and complexity shapes the cartographic representations of Copenhagen. This work aims at presenting a counter-relief analysis of Copenhagen through […]

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Reinventing The Relationship Between Production, Consumption And Education Of Art

Reinventing The Relationship Between Production, Consumption And Education Of Art Enrico Sciannameo, Elena Scafidi and Songming Li. Project “Brera Art Factory tries to reinvent the relationship between production, consumption and education of art. The project starts from the close reading of the proposal done by […]

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