Month: January 2017

Seducing The Viewer

Seducing The Viewer Form Bureau Sun Boulevard The proposal for the landscaping of a residential development just outside of Moscow aimed to capitalize on the stronger aspects of the urban plan while offsetting its weaknesses. The narrow footpaths and dense network of roads were transformed into lush flowering promenades, the sense of place […]

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Accommodating Changing Lifestyles

Accommodating Changing Lifestyles Eleonora Santucci & Elena Raimondi Project How can a city respond to the complex needs of our society, Which spaces do we need today? The project comes from a deep analysis and considerations on how the enormous changes our world is facing nowadays are influencing our ways of living the cities and the spaces we inhabit. Our lifestyles and traditional set of rules are rapidly changing, according to the dynamics of a world, where sharing economy and digital revolution are modifying our traditional reference points and metrics. The project of two abandoned buildings in Madrid has been the occasion to experiment a new architectural and urban model that tries to respond to the needs of our contemporary society. Working spaces, laboratories for innovation and research will activate the 10.000 m2 ground floor of the building Nave Hormigòn, while the building Nave Metallica will be converted into a covered public space, […]

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Bridging Between Geometry and Narrative

Bridging Between Geometry and Narrative  Sophie Grédiac, Louis Lacrocq, Adrien Rouchet & Dimitri Savitchev Project A counter-relief interpretation of the city of Copenhagen Water, in its richness and complexity shapes the cartographic representations of Copenhagen. This work aims at presenting a counter-relief analysis of Copenhagen through […]

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A Unifying White

A Unifying White Olga Tarasova THE KAPOTNYA EFFECT. RESETTLEMENT. NATURAL AUTONOMY. The residential area of Kapotnya (Moscow periphery) is isolated from the city by the river, the oil factory and MKAD (Moscow Ring Road). Kapotnya’s territory is “invisible” to public transport, political and economical influence […]

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Ensuring Respect For Human Dignity

Ensuring Respect For Human Dignity Riccardo Miccoli & Maria Vittoria Monaco  Project The purpose of this thesis is the design of a new pavilion of sociality inside Verziano’s penitentiary (Brescia, Italy). A space capable of hosting the daily activities of prisoners related to consumption and […]

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Ennobling Craftsmanship In The Contemporary

Ennobling Craftsmanship In The Contemporary Enrico Casini Project The ‘SCUOLA DEI MESTIERI’ is born with the aim to ennoble craftsmanship again, giving back that dignity to all those ARTS and CRAFTS considered as minor, therefore it will be possible to give life to a new virtuous and […]

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BLAZING WORLD Eric Wong Project This study redefines the poetics of urban resilience by focusing on spatial and phenomenological speculations when predictive fiction and its poetic function are applied to cities. The 1666 narrative text of the Blazing World by Margaret Cavendish was used as […]

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COHESION_The Blueprint for a United Kingdom

COHESION_The Blueprint for a United Kingdom Eric Wong Project The Rockefeller Foundation has tasked 100 cities, many of which are capital cities, to build greater resilience and a more inclusive economy. Cities are resilient when they are ‘united’. Inspired by ‘The Blazing World’ by Margaret […]

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Climatic Oasis #464

Climatic Oasis #464 Fabian Franciszkiewicz Project 2041- Climate change has transformed New York City into a desert. Vegetation is withering and the air is increasingly becoming worse. The population either lives in artificially cooled housing units, only usable due to massive air conditioning systems and the separation to […]

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A Continuum

A Continuum Sai Rojanapirom Project Steel House (Location: 203Chautauqua Boulevard, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles) Dealing with the site of the Eames House, the project reimagines a steel house that capitalized on existing “structures” on the site which are the line of existing eucalyptus trees and concrete […]

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Sleeping_The Book

Sleeping_The Book  A Non Architecture Competition  In a few days the Book of the Non Architecture competition Sleeping will be released! here below a brief of the other competition Making and an interview on the book itself! In the meantime the winners of the second […]

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Designing As A Task Of Composing

Designing As A Task Of Composing Sara Usai Lynedoch Street The project is a literature institute, a building which provides spaces for reading, writing, conference on literature and small discussion. It is a space to gather the fervidliterature scene of Glasgow. According to the brief […]

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