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Monochromatic, Perspective View, Students


Eric Wong


This study redefines the poetics of urban resilience by focusing on spatial and phenomenological speculations when predictive fiction and its poetic function are applied to cities. The 1666 narrative text of the Blazing World by Margaret Cavendish was used as a narrative driver to establish an intellectual critical position on ‘What
makes a city resilient?’





What programs do you use?

The only two programs used to generate the drawings are MicroStation and Photoshop.

How does a specific format as that of the comic book for your other project The Moral institute reinforce the message/thesis?

The Moral Institute reimagines the corporate company of Disney as a morally responsible institute.
The project questions how Disney’s role as a global distributor of stories have helped shape children’s imaginary worlds as well as their notions of the real. The format of the comic was thus largely influenced by how children read and watch specific moments and frames of information. This translated in to representing architecture and design spaces through the comic book format.


Have you ever thought of experimenting with collage and using certain fragments of your drawings to build a new narrative?
The drawings are in fact a combination and composition of collated images, collaging views and curating a story to build the narrative and vision of the proposal. Although I have never really considered reusing fragments of my drawings to build a new narrative, I am definitely excited by the prospect of exploring and developing something new.






Eric Studied Art and Architecture at the Byam Shaw School of Art, Central Saint Martins. He completed his undergraduate degree at Cardiff University (BSc Hons) and later graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL (MArch Dist). He is a recipient of the Bartlett School of Architecture Medal for averaging 80% or higher in professional performance, the Sir Banister Fletcher Medal for highest marks in Part 2 graduate studies and the Fitzroy Robinson Drawing Prize for best drawings in Part 2 graduate studies.


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