Reinventing The Relationship Between Production, Consumption And Education Of Art

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Axonometric, Line Drawing, Students, Texture

Reinventing The Relationship Between Production, Consumption And Education Of Art

Enrico Sciannameo, Elena Scafidi and Songming Li.


“Brera Art Factory tries to reinvent the relationship between production, consumption and education of art. The project starts from the close reading of the proposal done by Terragni, Lingeri and Pollini. Realized in 1935, the project is composed by three part (the educational rooms, the distribution and the exhibition), strongly separated to one another. The new proposal keep these fundamental elements to blend them into a new space for digital arts

The extension of Brera Academy is located in the mostly abandoned railway yard of Porta Romana. The area shows itself as a strong urban limit: it divides two parts of the city, the centre and the suburbs. The first is characterized by a compact fabric, the second by a series of linear buildings.

The new Brera Academy in Porta Romana allows the creation of a diffused system of museums. The old and new locations of Brera behave as two opposite polarities and dialogue with the other cultural and academic institutions, such as Prada Foundation, Bocconi Business School and MUDEC – Museo delle Culture.

These reflections have led to the creation of a continuous line that remarks the character of treshold. However, the building has different types of permeability towards the two sides of the city. The industrial spirit of the site is evoked through the use of a floating steel megastructure.”



Who influences you graphically?

The main influences of this project come from the work of painters such as Peregrine Heathcote and David Hockney and contemporary Italian illustrators, mainly Emiliano Ponzi and Olimpia Zagnoli. Other inputs come from the drawings of Dogma and Viar Estudio, but also from everyday objects like advertising and album covers from the 70’s.

How and to what extent did the theme of the project of one which revolves around the world of art influence your graphic language?

In our opinion, the plurality of digital and traditional arts that composes an Art Academy has necessarily an influence on its own graphic representation. The strong identity of Brera has led us toward a more painting-like effect, that looks at colour palettes of the Italian movement of Macchiaioli and the atmospheres of French Divisionists without neglecting the influence of digital arts.

What is the effect and purpose of formatting the images as triptychs?

The juxtaposition of images derives from the need to show collages, drawings and diagrams together. The simultaneous perception of these elements helps to have a more complete and immediate communication of our proposal.


You talk about a proposal which is in context according to site. In a society and urban fabric where everything continuously changes what does the term context mean for you and how relevant is it?

Even though the contemporary city shows itself as a collection of iconic items that disregard the context confirming their autonomy, the will to fit into society and urban context still resists. In accordance to Aldo Rossi and Rafael Moneo, we strongly believe that context is what give specificity to architecture because it influences and it is influenced by architecture. For us, architecture is not possible without a critical reaction to the context. It cannot be everywhere.

You explore your proposal through all means of representation, do you believe that only in this manner is it possible to fully reveal and develop a project?

No, we think that each project deserves its proper type of representation. Dealing with themes such as the production of art into an industrial building, we believed that the most effective way to evoke the atmosphere of the building was adopting a painting-like technique. However, CAD drawings have been used in order to fully understand the spatial organization of the building and not to reduce architecture into a matter of image.


How does the use of texture reveal a specific atmosphere?

The use of texture allows us to tell our story in the most direct way. We overlapped an old paper texture and a bit of noise to all the images to achieve a painting effect and connect them more to the project.



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