Showing Through Abstraction

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Collage, Students, Texture

Showing Through Abstraction

Arianna Guarducci, Beatrice Canonaco & Livia Siciliano


The project for the Urban Center of Milan is a Urban Undercosmo in which you can find the main policies and projects that are changing both Milan and the metropolitan area and in which inhabitans, politacal institutions, associations and the rappresentives of a social economical world, can meet to discuss  the territorial and urban transformation.

In the exhibition room and in the events areas, you can visit exhibition, take part in meetings, lectures, workshops, seminaries, laboratories and inform about the future of the city.

“Sottocosto Urbano” is also: competitions, editorial product, debating comunication activities and partnership.

At the level of Piazza Duomo liveable spaces develops offering multiple views of the city, resting areas and an info point.

In the underground area you can find the core of the Urban Center with its activities:

– A restouration area

– Conferences spaces

– An exhibition area

– An events space

– A bookshop



Who influence you graphically?

Graphically our main ispiraton derive from the drowings of Superstudio, in wich you don’t have a photo realistic vision but rather shows a determinate imaginary through its abstraction.

What is the effect and purpose of the round format? how does it relate back to the project?

The main format of the images wants to focus the attention on certain details that define the guidance structure of the project.

The circle frames the image within the page, why is the view of the duomo on the other hand not framed?

The view of Duomo hasn’t been included in a circle  like other images as it wants  to propose itself as a general view of the project from which, similar to the bubbles of the child upfront, rises more dreaming views represented by the circular once



How does the position of a figure outside of the circle affect the spatial qualities of proposal and how its is framed?

The figures that are located on the outside of the circle, suggest a link to reality, like a jump out of the frame.

How does the collaging of people from a  different epoch have an impact on how the spaces depicted are portrayed and perceived?

The Milan’s design of modern times that we have represented in our project is an elegant and timeless imaginary that can be followed through icons from any age, from the past as well as contemporary times.


The juxtaposition of figures and space from diverse epoch collapses time, is this something you were interested in exploring?
The juxtaposition of images from different historical periods represents for us a way of demonstrating the collective memory of which the architectural project functions as a frame and live environment.



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