Antropic_Designing with Sensibility

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Collage, Students, Texture

Antropic_Designing with Sensibility

Veronica Di Blas


The proposal addresses the flooding problem in Amazonia drawing inspiration from how Fire Ants respond to this creating a living raft.
Data on the tides, wind intensity and its direction was considered and responded to, to understand how the city could spread. From a starting point to an (ideal) infinite number.
The internal disposition of functions is based on studies regarding relationship in the old villages close to Belem do Parà.
The result is a floating city that could ideally respond to the flooding and slums problems giving new services.




Who influences you graphically?
I think that the most important thing is sensibility. Sensibility not only guides the decision process, but also influence how you decide to make your project more captivating and influence how people experience the resulting product.
Having said that, my reference points over the years are certainly always been Supersudio and Archigram. The special expressive force of their images is still incredibly amazing!

How important is the diagram as a tool for communication?
A lot. Diagrams are a summary with immediate impact. But we should make a difference between diagrams as a concept, where the nice drawings just express own ideas fixed on paper and diagrams based upon data, more objective. For this project, I worked with scientific results and I find this reasoned approach deeply stimulating.


 You seize to show zoomed perspective views which would speculate on life on this new raft, why so?
My idea was to give an impression of what can happen there. Ants are now the humans who are able to colonize the grid. A grid where spaces are ever-changing. The aim was the use and the appropriation of space.

 Whats is the objective of the long section? How does the atmosphere portrayed effect the way the proposal is given context?
As said before, spaces are ever-changing. Working with sections gives you the possibility to understand the different situations in the same context, that would be impossible from the front view. Using an evanescent structure as pillings, you have the occasion to see through and experience the city behind.





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